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Recent topics for discussion have included:

  • SEDOL masterfile
  • database access
  • printing and photocopying charges
  • the annual conference
  • database supplier problems
  • database offers
  • mergers and acquisitions data
  • news databases

British Business Schools Librarians Group (BBSLG)

I have actually just recently upgraded and sent out a benchmarking study to British Business Schools Librarians Group (BBSLG) member institutions for collecting vital info on their collection solutions as well as the functions of the specific librarians that run them. The study was first dispersed in 2007 so it needs to show really interesting to see how much has actually transformed ever since. One of the most easily digestible outcomes of the study will be a photo of the average BBSLG organization and also the ordinary BBSLG librarian.

Looking especially at the latter, last time around the ordinary BBSLG curator:

Was a legal member of CILIP
Had 23 years experience in collections
Has been in their existing post for 7.6 years
Spent a lot of their time answring ad hoc enquiries, creating and also providing training sessions and also creating individual support products
Used virtually as much time obtaining electronic resources as published
Taken care of and worked out a spending plan
Represented the collection on a training board
Taken pleasure in an adaptable policy when it involved accessing CPD
Was involved in markting and Public Relations tasks
As well as gained in between 27,000 and 32,000 pa
Whereas the typical BBSLG instiution:

supported 278 MBAs, 1720 basics, 66 PhDs as well as 103 academic personnel
provided access to 32,000 organisation and also management books
provided access to 212 printed journals
had 3.5 FTE full-time collection team
had a proportion of 1 FTE collection staff member to 29 academics/79 MBAs
were either screening or making use of the following ‘brand-new’ modern technology one of the most: blogs, openURLresolvers, fed search
were offering extra standalone talks or tutorials than ones integrated into the curriculum
invested the majority of their spending plan on databases
created business area of an integrated College Library, instead of being a standalone collection within a larger University libary service
The major additions to this year’s study are some more social media sites alternatives, as this has actually carried on a touch in the last 2 years (!), to learn how service curators are using Facebook, Twitter and also blog sites as well as especially the ratio of expert and social use. In addition there’s a brand-new an area on just how determined individuals really feel, the degree of support they feel they obtain from their establishment and exactly how challenging their post is.

The objective of the study is to determine the temperature of business librarianship overall in addition to put together some difficult information.

I’ll be uploading top degree (but non-confidential) results right here in mid-July. The full report will be available to BBSLG members via the website.

Looking for an College Institution in San Francisco?

Right here are Tips on Finding the very best and Dumping Whats Not …

Whether you are a parent looking for the very best schools in the area to enlighten your business professional wannabe, or a pupil on the lookout for the very first price service schools, it is essential that the appropriate option be made. And also to be able to make the appropriate selection, you need to be able to tell which service institutions use the most effective training educational program and also facilities.

An excellent institution can be gauged by the alumni it has generated, the programs it can offer, and, most importantly, by the ranking that it receives from a number of study bodies across the globe. If you just want the most effective, rankings can help you decide. There are rankings for the schools that are discerning in their enrollment procedure, there are those that are ranked high because they regularly acquire awards from service organizations, and there are those that are identified for their contribution in business community.

That does the positions for these company institutions, anyhow? Virtually everyone and anybody. There are studies that are being carried out (mostly each year) as well as the best schools are rated by numerous individuals. Now, just exactly how vital are positions anyway? Are these enough to show that the leading schools that you are scouting are trustworthy or that they provide quality set naturally?

Remember that a lot of these colleges already have shown performance history in supplying the best top quality of organisation education and learning and also creating choice graduates. The only distinction that positions or accreditations make is online reputation. As soon as an university gets a particular label on its name, after that you are guaranteed that their faculty, sources, centers, and educational program have all passed a precise standards on top quality.

If you are still confused on which institution to choose, after that it’s time to examine your goals on your occupation. These profession purposes should accompany the values that certain institutions provide (as well as that they have the specific program that would suit your demands). As soon as you limit your profession choices, then the number of schools on your list would automatically be restricted.

To additionally trim down the number of colleges on the checklist, it’s time to consider the area as well as your budget plan. Permanent MBAs, naturally, cost more and also take longer to complete. There are company institutions that use exec and also part-time programs on this. Keep in mind that you are not searching for a low-budget program. Rather, remember that you are searching for a school that offers a great return on your investment.

If your listing stays long, after that it’s time to take into consideration the colleges’ solution division on job. Do they actually produce great outcomes? With even more hits to any kind of certain institution, then it would mean that their grads and also MBA owners are employed more than the rivals. Getting any kind of kind of scholarship would certainly also substantially influence any kind of possible prospect’s option of institution.

The majority of the top company institutions (specifically those that are constantly ranked to be among the most effective) have top quality solutions, that is why it is best to prepare well prior to starting their entryway assessments as well as grueling interviews. Just the best of the very best are approved on the leading business colleges (particularly the Ivy League)– the la jet set; so expect the most effective and prepare for the worst!

Why business librarians should not give in to Harvard Business School Publishing’s Schemes

As Chair of BBSLG (the British Company Schools’ Librarians’ Team) which makes up some 200 academic company librarians and also over 100 libraries throughout the UK and also Ireland, I have actually recently invested a substantial quantity of my time complaining about an outrageous and precedent-setting pilot plan thought up by Harvard Organisation College Posting. For a couple of years now HBSP have been requesting repayments of as much as ₤ 15k from numerous UK scholastic business libraries simply for the privilege of making persistent links to HBR write-ups on analysis lists and VLEs.

The links in question are being made to EBSCO’s Organisation Resource products (which offer HBR in full-text), nevertheless, it is Harvard as opposed to EBSCO that have come close to curators directly for extra settlement. So far these demands for money, which are being requested in addition to the EBSCO membership, are, as mentioned over, simply part of a ‘pilot system’, nonetheless, HBSP plan to roll it bent on all EBSCO subscribers in due course.

Thus far, all UK librarians who have actually been used the ‘chance’ to pay this extra sum have unsurprisingly transformed it down, and also therefore have recently had the capability to make consistent web links to HBR shut off by EBSCO. This relocation has actually been greeted with a combination of fierceness as well as disbelief for a number of excellent reasons:

1) The majority of UK business librarians make consistent links to HBR, and also yet just a handful of Universities have been chosen to pay more currently. Why should just a handful of libraries pay for a method still in operation at various other institutions?
2) The capacity to persistent-link has actually constantly been part and parcel of an EBSCO registration. Exactly how can an extra charge be justifiably imposed of what is taken into consideration to be a basic internet experience as opposed to an included extra?
3) How can EBSCO justify turning off the capability to make consistent web links to HBR at targeted establishments, when the links are still switched on and being utilized by EBSCO subscribers at other organizations that have not been targeted?
4) Why are EBSCO not protecting its customers from Harvard approaching them straight? As clients we have a connection with EBSCO not Harvard. If Harvard desire after additional money for accessibility to their material then certainly they should demand it of the aggregator not us? It seems a particularly weird method on EBSCO’s part when one considers that already they have actually kept consistently superb relationships with their customers.
5) If HBSP escape this practice, what’s to stop other journal authors following suit? And what after that is the purpose of paying a registration to a journal collector if you’re needing to pay added fees to specific publishers on top?

Nevertheless, in my viewpoint, the most essential debate versus HBSP’s plan is that the key factor which they mention for this expense recovery process is a stipulation in EBSCO subscribers contracts which mentions that access to short articles within the product is for ‘specific, private research study’ instead of for training purposes. Is accessing as well as reviewing an article pointed out on a course not private study? Where does mentor start and also examine end? Where do you draw a line? Harvard are certainly attracting it at a point which conveniently sustains their debate, however their meaning is extremely open to question.

Offered the degree of tension around this concern, EBSCO’s Gareth Smith has agreed to talk on behalf of EBSCO in an open discussion forum session at the 2009 BBLSG seminar in Dublin in a few weeks time as well as ultimately feed back our sights both to his business and to Harvard. The document got so far from HBSP suggests that they will stand firm and I consider it vital that we do the very same.